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Hey there,  my name is Aiva

the creative eye and soul behind Trekløver Media. Originally from Lithuania, I now proudly call Norway my home. Photography has been my passion since I can remember and it led me to this wonderful journey of freezing memories and capturing moments that last a lifetime.

When I'm not busy answering all your emails or framing the perfect shot, you'll find me shredding slopes on my snowboard or exploring new corners of the world. Traveling has always been a source of inspiration for me, and I love finding myself in different cultures and landscapes.

I'm more of a quiet type by nature, but give me a camera, and watch me come alive. There's something about being behind the lens that light a fire within me and allows me to express myself in ways words cannot.


While I chat away comfortably in Norwegian, I've also got a soft spot for English — it's like a secret code for cool conversations, opening up a world of connection and creativity.

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Videographer / Photographer

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Hey there,  my name is Darius 

I'm Lithuanian - living in Norway. From the moment I picked up a camera, I knew I wanted to capture more than just images — I wanted to tell stories.


When I attended my first wedding as a guest - everything clicked. Seeing the raw emotions, the joy, the tears, I knew I had found my calling, and it ignited a passion in me. It's an amazing experience, being invited into such intimate moments, and it fills me with gratitude to be able to witness and preserve the beauty of love in its purest form.


What sets me apart? It's all about my deep commitment to storytelling. You're not just getting someone to press record — you're getting a dedicated storyteller who will go above and beyond to create a film that exceeds your expectations.

I'm fluent in capturing moments, but when it comes to speaking Norwegian, let's just say I'm still stuck on 'takk'. But no worries, my English is perfect. So even though I might not catch every word in Norwegian, I'll make sure your videos will tell your story beautifully!

Your satisfaction is my top priority.

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